Dog Population in India?

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dog population in India

dogs  in  India

Hello friends, before knowing about dog population in India lets know about dogs a little bit because this will help us to understand better about this population in India.

dogs India :
About dogs: Dogs came from a canines family which is an ancient dog, called Pariah dog. These are wolf-like Canids , the dog is a dangerous type of carnivore. These are the most domesticated animal in our daily life. These dogs have two types which we see in our daily life,



dog population in India



dogs India:

i ) Stray dogs:-

These types of dogs are the main problems of the population. These type of dogs stay on streets and cause problems on many sides,

ii) Pet dogs:-

These types of dogs are owned by the individual person for their personal interest. These are also a large part of the population in India,

dog population in India

Our India has a large number of dog population which is getting higher in every year and growing  population. India has near about 30 million stray dogs and it is getting higher day by day.Pet dogs have also a large contribution to dog population in India. Pet dogs are near about 10 million as per 2014 reading and every year people adopt 600000 pets for their individual interest,
Dog population in India is so high and it is creating so many problems later we will discuss it.

Delhi registered only 900 pet dogs. So you can understand that there are so many stray dogs which are creating massive problems. The population in list have a lot reading about Mumbai city,
A lakh of stray dogs are found in Mumbai streets. 95,172 stray dogs found in greater Mumbai streets from which 66,087 found in streets and 29,085 found in slums. These are counted maximum by NGOs. They found 9,628 dogs in 914 km long street in 5 weeks. So you can understand how the dog population in India is high. As per 19th Livestock census, 2012 Bangalore city has 1.03 lakh stray dogs in urban streets and 34,125 are in rural Bangalore.Also, there are so many NGOs who say that there is 3.05 lakh stray dogs in Bangalore (Urban + Rural) now you imagine 2018 dog population!

Every state has a large contribution to the increasing dog population. Let’s discuss problems of the dog population in India.

Affect of Dog Population:-

dog population in India


Dog population in India has a very bad effect on peoples’ lives. As per WHO reading India is in the top position of dog biting and rabies, Rabies is the disease which occurred after dog biting into the human body. It is a deadly disease. This population  is getting higher and it is affecting both dogs and humans lives. To control this  population killing of dogs is getting higher which is dangerous for this kind and nature also. In Kerala last year 10 dog catchers killed 300 dogs and total 2, 50,000 in the whole year in that state, So we have to think about the unnecessary dog population for the due cause.


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