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GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA : The Directorate of Industries and Commerce works under the state govt of Tripura. It works for the development of Tripura in various ways which will help this state to become the best destination for trade and industrial activities, in this way bearing to the state and its people,

  • Improve living standard.
  • Economic development.
  • Employment generation and provide independent employment facilities.
  • Ideal use of physical and normal assets.
  • Provide various prospects to the trade and industry sector like micro, small, medium and large scale industries.

The functions and objectives of this unit are supported and appended by its subsidiaries like PSU (Public Sector Unit), societies, and boards. Let us see the names of them,

  • Tripura Tea Development Corporation Limited (TTDC).
  • Tripura Jute Mills Limited (TJML).
  • Tripura Bamboo Mission (TBM).
  • Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDC).
  • Society For Entrepreneurship Development (SoFED).
  • Tripura Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (TSIC).
  • Tripura Khadi & Village Industries Board (TKVIB).


Khejurbagan, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura-799010.


Phone No: 0381-241-1021




The Directorate Information and Cultural Affairs Office is the nodal organization which keeps up powerful communication and goes about as an extension or enactment as a bridge between the majority and the government for building a friendly society. It has two wings, one is Culture, and another is Information, and they move like two vehicles to continue towards this objective. At the point when the energy of data offers to strengthen to the general population, cultural or social trades concrete the human bonds in this manner reinforcing the texture of the state.      GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA

Publication segment, Rural Publicity, and News Bureau concentrated at the directorate with their decentralized units at District, Subdivision, and Block level are the prime hardware to scatter distinctive sorts of data to the media and in addition to the public of the state Tripura. The cultural wing of this organization always provides cultural diversity by various fairs and festivals, seminar, workshops, street drama, and in many things in which local cultural or social organizations and the Loka Ranjan Sakhas assume a key part. These wings or both of them meet up at one point to assume a deliberate part of the job.


Gangail Road, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura-799001.


Phone no: 0381-232-4688 (O)

Fax: 0381-2325823

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]




The Department of Finance governs the financial supervision of the state Tripura beginning from the activation of assets, increasing duty, and nontax income, getting from various sources to effective utilization of resources through the plan of the yearly spending plan and execution of the financial plan, open utilizes administration and so on. The office assumes a vital part in the advancement of the state Tripura by giving sound money related administrations. In favor of the improvement of state’s economy, the size and level of works of the back division have step by step extended throughout the years.



New Secretariat Complex, PO Secretariat, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura-799010


Ph No:  0381-241-8068





  • Monday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Tuesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Wednesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Thursday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Friday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Saturday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Sunday:


Under the Industries and Commerce department, the Directorate of Information Technology was shaped in 1999, to start IT activities in a genuine way. A society was formed, with an idea to have better supervision in all projects, the name of the society is “Tripura StateComputerization Agency” in 2001. The main goal of these  two departments, Directorate of IT and Tripura State Computerization Agency are defined below:

  • Execute e-Governance Projects for the productive and compelling conveyance of taxpayer-supported organizations, enhancing monetary administrations, enhancing income accumulations, and better spread of data on government
  • Sort out preparing programs for expanding the IT education among the staff and officers working under State Government.
  • Work as a Nodal Agency for organizing the execution of NeGP and another e-Governance scheme in the state.
  • Advancement of IT training in schools and universities of Tripura and furthermore for usage of IT labor in Tripura.



ITI Road, Indranagar, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura-799006



Phone: 91-381-235-5751

Fax: 91-381-235-5751

Email: [email protected]




The “Department of Science, Technology, and Environment” carries out and actualizes umpteen programs for the advancement of Science and Technology, Science Communication, Renewable Energy, Remote Sensing, and GIS, Societal Applications of Technologies, Biotechnology, Climate Change, Ecology and Environment through its regulatory setup and the supplementary associations.

  • Tripura State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB), situated in 1988.
  • Sukanta Academy for Science, Arts and Culture introduced in 1997.
  • Directorate of Bio-Technology (DBT) built up in 2002.
  • Tripura State Council for Science and Technology (TSCST) built up in 1984.
  • Tripura Bio-Technology Council (TBC) built up in 2006.
  • Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) built up in 1997.
  • Tripura Climate Change Cell, in 2014.
  • Tripura Space Application Centre, 2006, work as a nodal agency for Remote Sensing and GIS.


The “Department of Science, Technology, and Environment” has four local level workplaces. These workplaces are the union focuses on the exercises and execution of projects of the department and constituent self-sufficient bodies.



  • Monday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Tuesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Wednesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Thursday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Friday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Saturday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Sunday:



P.N. Complex, Vigyan Prajukti O Paribesh Bhawan, Gorkhabasti, Agartala, Tripura- 799006.


Ph No: 0381-2325228

Fax No: 0381-2307751

Mail: [email protected]







The Accounts General Office of Tripura founded in 1967 as a branch office of Assam’s AG Office. It was functioning as a self-regulating office since 18th November 1874. In the “MALANCH NIVAS”, a rented building, it was situated earlier. MALANCH NIVAS is very well-known for its connection with the royal family of the state Tripura, and with Rabindranath Tagore. The Office of AG was moved to its own building placed at Kunjaban, Agartala, in November 1989.

Subsequently a rebuilding of frameworks in 1984, the review capacities were dependent on the Office of the AG(Audit), Tripura, and the Accounts & Entitlement capacities were endowed to the Office of the Senior Deputy Accountant General (A&E), Tripura. In the year 2011, the workplace of the Senior Deputy Accountant General (A&E), Tripura was moved up to the workplace.




  • Monday: From 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Tuesday: From 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Wednesday: From 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Thursday: From 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Friday: From 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Saturday: Closed.
  • Sunday:



Near Raj Bhavan, Krishnanagar, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura 799010.



  • Accountant General ( Accounts and Entitlement):

Ph No: 0381-2350139

Fax: 0381-2354749

Email: [email protected]

  • Office of the Accountant General (Audit):

Ph No: 0381-2350139

Fax: 0381-2350158, 0381-2350423

Email: [email protected]




The Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency ( TREDA) is an essential organization of the Department of Science, Technology, and Environment. TREDA  is the main department for actualizing new and renewable energy plans in the state Tripura. It was built up in the year 1998, and the exercises of it were reached out all through the state. It has been devoting to advance the new and sustainable power source assets.




  • Monday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Tuesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Wednesday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Thursday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Friday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Saturday: From 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Sunday: Closed



P.N. Complex, Vigyan Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Gorkhabasti, West Tripura, Tripura-799006



Phone No :

  • Director & CEO- 0381-2325900
  • Joint Director- 03812325900

Email: [email protected]





TPSC was first established under GOI act,1919. Then the Lee Commission upgraded the terms and conditions of  TPSC.After it was finally got established on 30th October 1972. Now it is a big institution for governmental exams at the state level in  Tripura.



Akhaura Road, Agartala, Tripura-799001



Phone No: 03812325811

Fax: 03812323944

Email: [email protected]

Website: tbsc




The Health and Family wealth Fare Department controls all over the medical sectors in the state Tripura.The medicinal services framework is isolated into three levels – the essential social insurance organize, an auxiliary care framework involving area and sub-divisional healing facilities and tertiary clinics giving forte and super strength mind. As on 2013– 14, there are eighteen Community Health Centers, three  District Hospitals, 84 Primary Health Centers, thirteen Sub Divisional Hospitals, six State Hospitals.




New Capital Complex, Gurkhabasti, Kunjaban, Agartala, West Tripura, 799006


Phone: 03812315001




The board of Biotechnology is created in January 2002 and blessed with the requirement of scattering of innovation within the field of biotechnology and organizing usage of the undertakings in an exceedingly similar field. Since its initiation, the board created linkages with driving examination/scholarly/specialized foundations/Government Organization for the presentation of assorted Biotechnology plans/bundles and moreover to embrace R and D exercises in biotechnology space for monetary improvement of the state.



The ground floor of Vigyan Bhawan, P.N. Complex, Kunjaban, Agartala, Tripura-799006.




Fax: 03812301122

Mail: [email protected]



Tripura Jagannath Bari Temple

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  • jagannath-bari-agartala.jpg

Tripura Jagannath Bari Temple

Jagannath Bari Temple is very famous and well known Hindu temple in Agartala.It is committed to the three Hindu Gods mainly named Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Jagannath.  It is very beautiful. This temple has many things which attract every visitors to the temple like the pond full of fishes, cows knew by their names, Annabhog, and many other things. It is well known for its Ratha Yatra. Let us know more about the Jagannath Bari.


Overview of Jagannath Temple


The Jagannath sanctuary is a celebrated religious site situated in Agartala in Tripura. Worked by the Maharaja of Tripura of the Manikya Dynasty in the nineteenth century, the sanctuary is arranged in the Ujjayanta Palace grounds and is committed to the Hindu Gods- Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Jagannath. The magnificence of this astounding spot lies in the way that the sanctuary is as much a position of engineering excellence and eminence as it is of religious significance. The sanctuary is additionally a lovely place to click some stunning pictures, so be set up to be shocked the sheer excellence of this area.

There is another knowledge of Tripura:Nageswar Flower

Tripura State flower is Nageswar (Mesua ferrea)


This terrific working till date keeps on making Tripura glad in view of its engineering charitableness and is intensely affected by the Islamic style of structures. The base of the Jagannath sanctuary is an octagon fit as a fiddle with splendidly hued orange dividers. Pyramidal conic structures decorate the mainstays of the sanctuary. It is broadly trusted that the “Neelmadhav” character that is sanctified at Puri, Odisha, was given from the Jagganath Bari,

Agartala, Tripura. The Bhoga offerings, Nitya Puja ( Daily Worship), and circulation, alongside the night Pooja with Aarti, are the principal ceremonies that are taken from here.  Aartis be particularly an unquestionable requirement go to the occasion to welcome the excellence and effortlessness of the asylum and to vanish in the dedication of the Divine. Ratha Yatra is the yearly celebration of the sanctuary, is a vital celebration that is praised with extraordinary enthusiasm and intensity and is gone to by many enthusiasts every year. Summing everything up, the Jagganath bari isn’t a place that you should miss going to, to encounter quietness and peace in its best and most flawless shape.

Architecture and History of Jagannath Bari Temple 

This sublime sanctuary in Agartala, Tripura was developed amid the nineteenth century.The development was done by the Maharaj Radha Kishore Manikya. Actually,  Agartala was picked over Udaipur as the capital, and the working of this sanctuary was a piece of an undertaking to decorate the place.

Jagannath Bari temple

Despite the fact that the Jagannath bari is slanted towards Islamic engineering, it is likewise a delightful amalgamation of the Hemadpanthi and Arabic style of design on the outside, with a trace of Hindu energy within the sanctuary. This lofty sanctuary is orange in shading with an octagonal base, and square and pyramidal cones crown the mainstays of the sanctuary. The impression of the ‘Pradhkshin Patha’ that is around the sanctum merits an exceptional specify since it additionally adds to the excellence of this sanctuary, which is appropriately thought to be the national legacy of the capital of Tripura.

Rath Yatra of Jagannath Bari Temple

The yearly Rath Yatra celebration, which is otherwise called Maha Ratha Yatra, is seen at Melagarh in June consistently. This Rath Yatra is the festival of Lord Jagganath, who is thought to be the Lord of Universe’s excursion towards his auntie’s home. Just before the Rath Yatra,

 a custom known as ‘Pahandi’ is watched. This routine includes conveying of the divinities onto their chariots. This celebration goes on for nine days and finishes with reclaiming of the divinities to the Jagannath  Bari Temple. This yearly celebration is of outrageous significance and is praised with extraordinary energy every year.

Rituals with Timing during the Ratha Yatra

  • Mangala Alati is at 6 am in the morning.
  • Mailama at 6.10 am.
  • Rosa Homa and TadaPalagi at 6.30 am.
  • Abakash ritual, Surya Puja, Dwarapala Puja at 7.30 am.
  • Besha, Gopala Ballahav, Khichudi Bhoga at 8-9 am.
  • Ratha Prathishta at 9 am.
  • Mangalarpana at 9-15 am.
  • Pahandi at 9.30 am.
  • Madan Mohan’s entry at 12.30-1.00 pm.
  • Chitalagi at 1.00-1.30 pm.
  • Cherra Pahanra at 1.30-2.30 pm.
  • Chariot Pulling at 2.30 pm.

Best time to visit Jagannath Temple

The best time to design a trek to this religious place is in June when the well known Rath Yatra is being praised there.

Timings of the temple Jagannath bari

  • Morning: From 4 am to 2 pm.
  • Evening: From 4 pm to 9 pm.

Entry Fee for the temple

No fee is required

Address of Jagannath bari

Palace Compound, Krishnanagar, Agartala, Tripura West, Tripura-799001

Jagannath Bari, Agartala, Tripura
Click this image and go to lucation

Palace Compound Latitude:  23.836271

Palace Compound Longitude: 91.280508

Latitude DMS: 23°50’10.58″N

Longitude DMS:  91°16’49.83″E

Worship of Daily

  • Mangal Arti and Dwara Pitha at 5 am in the morning.
  • Mailam at 6 am.
  • Gopala Ballava Pooja at 9 am.
  • Madhyanna Dhupa at 11 AM in the morning.

The most effective method to Reach Jagannath Bari :

Jagganath Temple is situated in Krishna Nagar, Agartala.The ideal approach to achieve the sanctuary is by employing an auto rickshaw.

  • From Agartala Airport, it is 10 km away. You can take a taxi and get there very easily.
  • By train, from Jogendranagar it is 5 km away, you can take an autorickshaw and get there.
  • From TRTC bus stand it is 1km away, you can go the by taking a rickshaw.

Hotels Near Jagannath Bari :

  • Ginger hotel.
  • Hotel Sonar Tari.
  • Hotel Woodland Park.
  • Hotel Welcome Palace.
  • Hotel Palace Inn.
  • Hotel City center.
  • Gujrat Hotel.


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Tripura Heritage Park

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Tripura heritage Park

Tripura Heritage Park

In India’s North-Eastern beautiful hilly state Tripura, the Tripura Heritage Park is a notable attraction for every tourist. It is an athletic park.  It is the largest park in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. It is a delightful site to visit in the core of the city which gives a quiet and peaceful environment. It is in Agartala City, at a separation of three kilometers from the City Centre.

It is originally located at Kunjaban, Agartala, and it covers near about 4 hectares. It offers a peaceful and wonderful mood to the guests and features the cultural or social, and natural heritage of the nation. The Heritage Park park has nine major sites of Tripura like temples, palaces, mosque, and others.

Let us see the nine sites one by one:

  • Tripura Sundari Temple.
  • Ujjayanta Palace.
  • Chandrapur Mosque.
  • Unakoti hill Scluptures.
  • Debatamura Hill Sculptures.
  • Chaturdash Devata Mandir (Temple).
  • Pilak’s archeological relics.

Some details of Heritage Park:

Tripura Heritage Park

  • Address:

                   Gorkhabasti, Kunjaban, Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura, Pin No:-799006.

  • Opening Hours:
  • Sunday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Monday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Thursday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Friday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Saturday: From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Others:
  • Latitude:856545
  • Longitude:284911
  • Latitude DMS: 23°51’23.56″N
  • Longitude DMS: 91°17’5.68″E

Heritage Park’s History:

The Tripura Heritage Park was introduced on 30th of November 2012 by the Chief Minister Mr. Manik Sarkar at that time. It is the first of its kind in the whole Northeast India.

 Tripura Heritage Park’s Natural Beauty:

Tripura Heritage Park

The Tripura Heritage Park has a captivating emanation with lychee, acacia, and eucalyptus plants enhancing the setting and undulating landscape rendering a dazzling delight to the place. An incredible assorted variety of indigenous trees and plants frame the vegetation of the Park. An assortment of restorative plants is additionally found here. Verdure of the recreation center ( park)  additionally frames protection to various types of avian fauna. Around the recreation center or park are scattered various relics including stone specialties, woodcraft,  heritage seats, and pottery. The place is massively participating and provides associate degree extension to analyze the conventional magnificence and additionally the conventions of Tripura.

Desirability Of The Heritage Park:

There are some other attractions in this park like as it is an athletic park, you will find yourself very enjoyable during walking through the narrow trails, portrayal of dynamic culture of the state and composite Indian legacy through divider help work, an enormous amphitheater obliging around 400 individuals,

a shed which is stylishly outlined having covered material and customary bamboo cottage, a lovely fossil wellspring, rich green grass yard, gardenia lights, shake plant, a few water bodies and superb waterfalls.There is a small version or narrow highway NH 44 (Now NH 8) of Tripura. Also, there is small railway tracks and so many stations like Kumarghat, Manu, Ambassa, Agartala, and others.

The development of the Heritage Park has concentrated on the utilization of nearby material, for example, bamboo and waste articles of different developments. Different structures have been made in an ideal match up with the encompassing and every one of the loans a legacy touch to the recreation center. For the accommodation of matured and in an unexpected way abled people, the passage of the recreation center has been given a slope.

Tripura Heritage Park is enormously treasured by nature and craftsmanship sweethearts and structures a perfect place to flawlessly invest the relaxation energy.

How to Reach In Heritage Park:

You can reach in Heritage Park very easily. From Airport you can take a taxi or autorickshaw, and reach very easily as it is near the airport road in Gurkhabasti. From old and new motors and you will find any autorickshaw to reach in Heritage Park. From the Agartala Railway Station, you can come to Nagerjala Stand and then take any taxi or autorickshaw.


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Pilak Secrets of Northeast

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Pilak Secrets of Northeast

Pilak Secrets of Northeast

In South Tripura district of the Tripura state, an archaeological or historical site named  “Pilak” is situated, in Santirbazaar, Bilonia subdivision. Since 1927, so many structures, pictures, or images discovered from Pilak. These structures belong to Hindu and Buddhist sects. These antiques belong to 8-12th centuries.

The zone shows various vacation destinations of earthenware plaques, fixing with Supa and stone pictures of Avolokiteswara, including the pictures of Narasimhan, found there going back to Buddhist period.

The sandstone models of Pilak, which speaks to the heretical culture of Buddhism and Hinduism of ninth to thirteen century, are in plain view in Tripura State Museum in Agartala.

Pilak Secrets of Northeast

Some details:

  • Area: Jolaibari, South Tripura (Dist), Tripura, India.
  • Direction Coordinates: 23°12′N 91°36′E.
  • Sort: Ancient memorable Settlement.
  • Periods Historic period: Eighth to Twelfth hundreds of years.
  • Societies or cultures: Buddhist and Hindu.
  • Satellite of: Samatata kingdom in authentic Bengal.
  • Exhuming dates:
  • Proprietorship: Archaeological Survey of India.
  • Site: Tripura Tourism

History of Pilak:

The archaeological site Pilak used to be a piece of Samata Kingdom in verifiable Bengal. It is a piece of a progression of archaeological destinations that incorporates Mainamati and Somapura Mahavihara in Bangladesh.Pilak Secrets of Northeast

The before dates of Buddhist and Hindu figures, seals, and earthenware plaques found at the site are in the vicinity of eighth and ninth centuries. The antiques uncovered at the site have a place with the Guptas sculptural and Bengal’s Palas and compositional highlights; likewise, the style of Myanmar (Burma), Arakan and indigenous highlights is perceptible.


The ASI (Archaeological Survey of an India) did unearthings at the positioning in the middle Sixties once stupas worked with blocks were found out. ASI has assumed management over the positioning since 1999 and is responsible for its maintenance. Recent examinations by Archaeological Survey of an India was at Jolaibari and completely different hills wherever icons of Mahayana Buddhism and statues of Buddha were unearthed. The lama of Mahayana Buddhism visited the positioning (of the Hinayana or Theravada group) in 2007. Buddhist voyagers from Thibet, geographic region, and Japan often visit the place Pilak.

Discovery of Pilak:


The Pilak archaeological site speaks to both Buddhism and Hinduism coinciding calmly. Antiques of Hinduism are as figures and plaques of Hindu divine beings Surya, Shiva, and Vaishnavi. The extensive number of relics relate to the Mahayana, Vajrayana, Hinayana Buddhism rehearses. The site is strewn with an extensive number of earthenware plaques and statues. Huge stone figures of Avalokiteśvara and Narasimha have been uncovered at Pilak.

  • Hinduism artefacts

A Hindu religious earthenware picture made in let go dirt found at Pilak is of Trimurti and another picture found here from the Sagardheba hill is of Surya, the Sun god, riding a chariot driven by seven stallions, dated to seventh-ninth century, which is idolized in a sanctuary in the Rajesvari Ashram in Muhuripur.

  • Buddhist artefacts

Pilak Secrets of Northeast

The recorded earthenware seals found at Pilak delineate the Buddhist stupas of little sizes. In Tripura, it is the seal which is loved and not the stupa. There is a cone formed stone section with a picture of Buddha in an upright stance, dated to the eighth century. In a part of the picture, just the correct arm is seen while the left hand is holding the fringe of a vestment. An Ushnisha (a three-dimensional oval frame) decorates the highest point of the head which has a “nearby twisted hair” style, and a little stupa is additionally engraved on the left piece of the chunk. A statue of Avalokiteshvara with two arms found at the site is presently shown in the Tripura Government Museum.


A model of the eighth-ninth century found here is that of Goddess Marichi, adored by both Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhists. In any case, it is currently a notable icon which is introduced in a Hindu sanctuary known as Vasudev-bad. The icon in an upright stance is called “Pratyalida” and is mounted on a straightforward plinth, and is all around protected. The highlights cut on the icon comprise of three appearances and six arms; the three right hands delineate the “Sara, vajra, and parashu” and the three remaining hands have portrayals of custom images of “dhanu, parna-pichichichi, and Tarjani mudra”.


An etched sandstone statue from the site dated to eighth-ninth century is of Chunda which is currently worshipped as “Raja Rajeshwari” in a sanctuary at Muhuripur. The picture is cut with 18 arms in a stance called “Vajaparyankasana” worshipped a padmapitha or lotus platform. A dharmachakra image of Vajrasattva and Ghanathapani enliven its two consistent hands. The chiselling on the best piece of this chunk likewise incorporates five Dhyani Buddhas, each delineating the ring of light around its head. another find from the Sundari Tilla is of a stupa dated to the eleventh century like design highlights of the administer of “Palas of Bengal”.


Location of Pilak:

Pilak is set at Jolaibari, in South Tripura District, and is contact a zone of around 3.9 sq mi or ten sq. kilometres. it’s 1.9 mi or three kilometres from Jolaibari, 62 mi or a hundred kilometres aloof from Agartala, Santibazar is 11 mi or eighteen kilometres away, and 32 mi or fifty-one kilometres from Udaipur. The destinations uncovered area unit in Blair Pathar, Basudeb metropolis, Thakurani Tilla, Shyam Sundar Tilla, Deb Bari and others.

Go to Pilak in Tripura:

pilack lucation
click image and go to google map
  • Air terminal: Agartala airport or Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur Airport is situated twelve kilometres away from Agartala City. From Agartala, anyone can visit Pilak via train, bus, small taxis and via other services. From Nagerjala stand it is very easy to go Pilak.


  • Via Rail: The closest station is at Udaipur. From Udaipur, you can go Pilak easily. You can catch bus or taxi from Rajarbag stand.


  • Street Transport: Pilak is 100 km away from By transport from Agartala to Julaibari in Belonia Sub-Division as it were. At that point via auto rickshaw or rickshaw ( 5 km. ).


  • Remaining in Pilak, Tripura

Guests can remain at Dakbanglow, Shantir Bazaar, and Pilak Pantha Niwas, Bagafa. Pilak Tourist Lodge in Jolaibari, Manu Yatri Niwas in Manu bazaar.


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Dog Population in India?

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dog population in India

dogs  in  India

Hello friends, before knowing about dog population in India lets know about dogs a little bit because this will help us to understand better about this population in India.

dogs India :
About dogs: Dogs came from a canines family which is an ancient dog, called Pariah dog. These are wolf-like Canids , the dog is a dangerous type of carnivore. These are the most domesticated animal in our daily life. These dogs have two types which we see in our daily life,



dog population in India



dogs India:

i ) Stray dogs:-

These types of dogs are the main problems of the population. These type of dogs stay on streets and cause problems on many sides,

ii) Pet dogs:-

These types of dogs are owned by the individual person for their personal interest. These are also a large part of the population in India,

dog population in India

Our India has a large number of dog population which is getting higher in every year and growing  population. India has near about 30 million stray dogs and it is getting higher day by day.Pet dogs have also a large contribution to dog population in India. Pet dogs are near about 10 million as per 2014 reading and every year people adopt 600000 pets for their individual interest,
Dog population in India is so high and it is creating so many problems later we will discuss it.

Delhi registered only 900 pet dogs. So you can understand that there are so many stray dogs which are creating massive problems. The population in list have a lot reading about Mumbai city,
A lakh of stray dogs are found in Mumbai streets. 95,172 stray dogs found in greater Mumbai streets from which 66,087 found in streets and 29,085 found in slums. These are counted maximum by NGOs. They found 9,628 dogs in 914 km long street in 5 weeks. So you can understand how the dog population in India is high. As per 19th Livestock census, 2012 Bangalore city has 1.03 lakh stray dogs in urban streets and 34,125 are in rural Bangalore.Also, there are so many NGOs who say that there is 3.05 lakh stray dogs in Bangalore (Urban + Rural) now you imagine 2018 dog population!

Every state has a large contribution to the increasing dog population. Let’s discuss problems of the dog population in India.

Affect of Dog Population:-

dog population in India


Dog population in India has a very bad effect on peoples’ lives. As per WHO reading India is in the top position of dog biting and rabies, Rabies is the disease which occurred after dog biting into the human body. It is a deadly disease. This population  is getting higher and it is affecting both dogs and humans lives. To control this  population killing of dogs is getting higher which is dangerous for this kind and nature also. In Kerala last year 10 dog catchers killed 300 dogs and total 2, 50,000 in the whole year in that state, So we have to think about the unnecessary dog population for the due cause.


Royal Enfield Helmets

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Above all else, I am will portray my blog subject which is Royal Enfield Helmets so it will assist you with knowing today on which point I am will compose my substance.”You can without much of a stretch purchase from that point and it will simple to judge head protector value, shading, quality everything. And in addition Royal Enfield caps are likewise accessible in on the web.” You will find most of the shopping websites such as Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc.”.

When purchasing an online helmet, you must give size-sized helmets if you see the size of the chart, just make sure you give a correct size so that when you will use that time you feel free and comfortable to wear it. “Even if you notice that your helmet should not be leased, it will come to the wrong size according to the scope of your head.

Do you know “The Royal Enfield Company started in 1893 and in 1901 the company made the first motorcycle.”


  • Everyone knows that helmet plays a vital role in our life. Even as you know why it is needed while riding vehicles and according to Government rules and regulations all people should use helmets while riding a bike, scooter.
  • Because helmets save you from any kind of accidents.
  • Especially it will save your head and eyes from accidents.
  • If you wear helmets then you take care of yourself and as well as obey the rules of Government.
  • Even you can inspire others also to wear helmets as well as your kids will also follow this same stuffs which you do for your safety.
  • Also, the helmet will help you protect against sunlight heat, rain water, air, especially bike accidents, etc.



  • Open Face Helmet:

Open Face Helmet of Royal Enfield is available mostly in market or online. If you want to order from online then you will get many colors in this category. Here, I will explain only one color which is matt green in color. Its price is only Rs.4000

The product is designed as full open face structure and the protective lightweight shell structure which is made of fiberglass. It is a combination of knitting and mesh and there is also polyester internals lining which also helps to improve performance on long rides.

The visor is made of PC coated with an adding of polycarbonate which is treated with ultraviolet rays and it helps for clear vision and scratch resistance. It has 2 years manufacturing defects warranty. It is a basically nylon strap.

You can also wipe it with a dry and clean cloth when you want to clean it.


  • Full Face Helmet:

Full Face Helmet

Even you will get many colors in full face helmet of Royal Enfield. But here I choose blue color full face helmet and the shell structure of this product is a high -grade ABS and it has also lining which is expanded polystyrene with a polycarbonate visor.

It has also adjustable nylon chin straps and its price is Rs.1750 only



  • Delhi Traders’s German Style Motorbike Helmet:

German Style Motorbike Helmet

The brand of this product is a Delhi Traders. Even it gives a German stylish feature which will suit normally on most peoples and it is a very lightweight product.

The weight of this product is 599g. It comes with a dimension which is 29 cm (length), 23cm (breadth) and 16cm (height). The price of this helmet is only Rs.445





  • Helmet Gloss Black (Large):

Helmet Gloss Black (Large)

It is a black color large open face design helmet. The shell structure of this product is made of fiberglass and its price is only 2,899.




I hope my blog will help you to choose best Royal Enfield Helmets while you will going to buy. I will feel very grateful if you like my blog and please share your comments in the below comment box so that I can improve my writing skills.





4 Indian Idiots

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At first, after seeing the title we will have a thought that who are 4 Indian Idiots are they like the ‘’3 Idiot’’ movie story’s hero’s type or anything else. If you think that they are like Phungsuk Wangdu then you are right because they are the real world’s 4 Indian Idiots. They have created a machine which is used by our Indian Defense system now. So who are they? Let me tell you something about them.

Our real world’s 4 idiots are Mr. Rahul Singh, Mr. Ashish Bhat, Mr. Bipul Joshi and Mr. Prakash Mehta. Now they are the security in charge of the borders from Amarnath to Uttarakhand’s forest area. They have invented a drone which is fully in Indian technology not like America or any other country’s technology-based. They have invented ‘’Idea Forge Technologies’’.

U AV or drone:

U AV or drone (

In 2008 Mr.Prakash and Mr. Bipul completed their graduation in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Without going for any job they thought to do something else. So they created a drone which they not named as drone they named the project as ‘’Unnamed Areal Vehicle’’ or “UAV”. On 2012 they discussed about the UAV machine with our government.Our government uses maximum drones which they bring from America but UAV is very safe in the way that it is fully made in India with our own Indian Technologies. In 2017 our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi approved to use this UAV or drone for our safety purpose and 1st it was used for Amarnath safety by providing security within 12 km range.

Prakash and Bipul met with Rahul and Ashish in 2010. Rahul and Ashish did MBA. Then they together made the “Idea Forge Technologies”.,ret_img,w_800/

Now their company is doing social works also. During Rahul and Ashish’s MBA session they visited many places and they saw the scarcity of water is the main problem of so many places. So they decided to solve the problem and they started a project named “JanaJal” means water for people. Under this project, they started 400 “ATM Counter” for water. In that ATM by 2 rupees one person can get 250ml water and by 5 rupees one person can get 1-litre water.

Now they are trying to provide health and medicine facilities to people.

Writer: RajibNath



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WATCHES FOR WOMEN’S: Let me say something about the watch. Watch is a time teller which we carry or worn during our daily life. The watch was discovered 1st on 15thcentury later in 1657 it got accuracy,
Nowadays we all want watches every moment because without watches we can’t even think about anything. Women are very punctual in their daily life. They do all of their work in the due time always.

So today, I will help them to be giving some FASTRACK WATCHES FOR WOMEN’S  BELOW 1000, list have sooO many watches.
let’s go to our first watch in our content list information by showing some Fastrack watches. Fastrack WATCHES FOR WOMEN’S BELOW 1000. list have soo.. many watches.


Fastrack Tees Simple Analog Multi-Coloured Dial Watch (38019PP02):



Here are some descriptions of it:

“The band’s material is made of silicon; its case separate crosswise over is 5.8 cm, Case material made with plastic. The dial is multi-shaded, straightforward show, round shape case, It weight about 117g to 118g (g = grams),”
Display &Part no is 38019PP02 development is quartz type, Tees accumulation, catch write clasp, water safe profundity is 30 meter.
Its price is near about Indian

Rs.875/- or the US $12.73.


Fastrack Simple Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch (NG38004PP05CJ):


Here is it’s description.

This is a very good watch under the list Fastrack watches.  
Band’s material is plastic, round shape; band’s color is normal black, dial color simple black, asymmetrical case, model & part no. : NG38004PP05CJ water resistant depth 30 mt.

Its price is Indian rupee 780/- or the US $11.34.


Fastrack Orange Dial Tees Simple Analog “Unisex Watch (38018PP02)”:

Here are some descriptions of it:


It’s Another good-looking watch on the list of Fastrack WATCHES FOR women,
Band’s material is silicone, the band’s color is orange, Its case’s diameter is 5.3 cm, the case material is plastic, “The dial is orange shaded, simple show, round shape case, It weights about 117g to 118g (g = grams),”, Model &Part no is 38018PP02 movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle, water resistant depth is 30 meter.

Its price is near about Indian Rs:950/- or the US $15.01. 


Fastrack Green Dial Tees Simple Analog “Unisex Watch (38019PP03)”.


Here are some descriptions of it:

It is a very good looking and strong watch under Fastrack watches for women’s below 1000, 
Its case’s diameter is 5.8 cm, Band’s material is silicone, the case material is plastic, The dial is green, analog display, round shape case, band’s color is green, It weight about 117g to 118g (g = grams),”, Model &Part no is 38019PP03 movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle.

Its price is near about Indian Rs: 950/- or the US $15.01. 


Fastrack Tees Simple Analog Blue Dial “Unisex Watch(38019PP01)”


“It is a lovely and sporty watch for girls which is on our list of Fastrack WATCHES FOR WOMEN’S below 1000,

Let’s describe it:

Band’s material is silicone, Its case’s diameter is 5.8 cm, the case material is plastic. The dial is blue, analog display, round shape case, band’s color is red, weight is 209 grams, Model &Part no is38019PP01 movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle, water resistant depth is 30 meter”

Its price is near about Indian Rs: 950/- or the US $15.01


Fastrack Tees Simple Analog Yellow Dial Unisex Watch(38019PP04)


This watch is a nice and colorful wrist watch for a women’s on our list:

Let’s describe it:

Band’s material is silicone, Its case’s diameter is 5.8 cm, Bandwidth is 21 millimeter, the case material is plastic. The dial is yellow, simple show display, round shape case, band’s shading is yellow, It weight about 117g to 118g (g = grams), Model &Part no is 38019PP04, the movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle, water resistant depth is 30 meter.

Its price is near about Indian Rs:930/- or the US $14.65.


Fastrack Tees Simple Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch(38003PP06J)


This watch is beautiful and sporty .

Let’s describe it:

Band’s material is silicone, Its case’s diameter is 5.6 cm, the case material is plastic. The dial is normal black, round shape case, band’s shading is green, analog display, It weight about 117g to 118g (g = grams), Model &Part no is 38003PP06J movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle, water resistant depth is 30 meter.

Its price is near about Indian Rs: 799/- or the US $11.66


Fastrack Tees Simple Analog Multi-Coloured Dial Unisex Watch (9951PP10):


It is a nice watch on the list of Fastrack watches.

Here are some descriptions of it:

Band’s material is silicone, Its case’s diameter is 5.6 cm, the case material is plastic. The dial is made of multi-colored, analog display, round shape case, band’s shading is multi-colored, about Its weight is approximately 90 grams to 91 grams, Model &Part no is 9951PP10 movement is quartz type, tees collection, clasp type buckle.

Its price is near about Indian Rs: 1000/- or the US $15.75


Fastrack Simple Analog Yellow Dial Unisex Watch(38021PP07CJ)


This watch is a beautiful watch from the list :

Here is it’s description:

Band’s material is plastic, band’s shading is black, dial color yellow, asymmetrical case, round shape, model no: 38021PP07CJ part no. NG38021PP07CJ.

Its price is near about Indian Rs 850/- or the US $ 13.43


Fastrack Tees Simple Unisex Watch(38018PP05J)


Let us say something which is on our list of some Fastrack WATCHES FOR WOMAN’S.

Here are some descriptions of it:

Band’s material is plastic, band’s shading is multicolor, dial color is multicolor, display analog, round shape, model no&part no.: 38018PP05J,

Its price is near about Indian Rs: 1150/- or the US $16.79





Writer name: Rajib Nath

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