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4 Indian Idiots

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At first, after seeing the title we will have a thought that who are 4 Indian Idiots are they like the ‘’3 Idiot’’ movie story’s hero’s type or anything else. If you think that they are like Phungsuk Wangdu then you are right because they are the real world’s 4 Indian Idiots. They have created a machine which is used by our Indian Defense system now. So who are they? Let me tell you something about them.

Our real world’s 4 idiots are Mr. Rahul Singh, Mr. Ashish Bhat, Mr. Bipul Joshi and Mr. Prakash Mehta. Now they are the security in charge of the borders from Amarnath to Uttarakhand’s forest area. They have invented a drone which is fully in Indian technology not like America or any other country’s technology-based. They have invented ‘’Idea Forge Technologies’’.

U AV or drone:

U AV or drone (

In 2008 Mr.Prakash and Mr. Bipul completed their graduation in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Without going for any job they thought to do something else. So they created a drone which they not named as drone they named the project as ‘’Unnamed Areal Vehicle’’ or “UAV”. On 2012 they discussed about the UAV machine with our government.Our government uses maximum drones which they bring from America but UAV is very safe in the way that it is fully made in India with our own Indian Technologies. In 2017 our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi approved to use this UAV or drone for our safety purpose and 1st it was used for Amarnath safety by providing security within 12 km range.

Prakash and Bipul met with Rahul and Ashish in 2010. Rahul and Ashish did MBA. Then they together made the “Idea Forge Technologies”.,ret_img,w_800/

Now their company is doing social works also. During Rahul and Ashish’s MBA session they visited many places and they saw the scarcity of water is the main problem of so many places. So they decided to solve the problem and they started a project named “JanaJal” means water for people. Under this project, they started 400 “ATM Counter” for water. In that ATM by 2 rupees one person can get 250ml water and by 5 rupees one person can get 1-litre water.

Now they are trying to provide health and medicine facilities to people.

Writer: RajibNath


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