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We welcome you to our website Genuine meaning which is a part of our company ,

situated in Agartala, Tripura, India. We are here to fulfill your needs on daily basis or which can help you to build your career as well or make your health good by using natural particles, to build your knowledge about science or scientific research or about crime ,market research and lowest market prices via which you can buy the best product in low price judging by yourself etc. Our company will provide a best knowledge about so many things as we mentioned before like contents on herbal, crime, information of the whole world etc.

This small website always tries to find all the places such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ebook, Newspapers, etc. and then give you the best information out there and give it to you.
We help you find your information.

Our company”” organizes a competition on monthly basis on content writing, our company organizes a competition on monthly basis on content writing, anyone can participate in this competition and the best three writers will get a prize. Which is a great opportunity for everyone to build their knowledge and it will help you in your career also in so many ways?We have so many sections on our website like



  • Here Home explains on our website what we are providing to you or you can say just an explanation about our website. Next, it comes to Today News where you can get an overview of our website what are we publishing on a daily basis which has the main part daily news.
  • The daily news means what is going on the whole world daily like a business, sports, entertainment, crime, economy etc.
  • Crime, here you can read news about crimes going in the whole world on daily basis.Next, it comes to market where you can read about market research, news on business etc. Information where you will get knowledge about herbal products, science, research, about the history and unique things happening around the world.
  • E-books which will provide you so many types of books like magazines, story, about engineering, banking, computer etc.
  • Today low prices will provide you low prices of all types online products by bargaining various e-commerce websites which sell various products.

So we have given to you a little explanation about our website.We wish you will have a good time on our website and you will enjoy it, and if you like it then share it to all of your friends that will help us to provide more knowledge about the world.

Have a nice day sir/madam



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We welcome you to our website Genuine meaning which is a part of our company , situated in Agartala, Tripura, India.
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